Past Research Staff

Name Period, Institution Lab Position Current Position
Jennifer Heinritz Yale University/UW-Madison to Yale University, departed 2020 Lab Manager and Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub Director Bacteriology Master’s Program Coordinator, UW-Madison
Juan Bravo Yale University/UW-Madison to Yale University, departed 2017 Post Bach Graduate Student, University of Southern California
Changhui Guan UW-Madison to Yale University, departed 2015 Research Associate Senior Research Associate, The Oh Lab at The Jackson Laboratory
Simon Hernandez 2011-2015 Yale University Small World Initiative Communications Manager SUNY Upstate Medical University student
Carol Bascom-Slack 2012-2014 member of the Yale CST Associate Research Scientist & Lecturer with Yale through 2014 to administer her prevalence of antibiotic-resistance in the environment (PARE) project
Gillian Phillips 2012-2014, Yale University Associate Researcher Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
James Young 2007-2014, UW-Madison & Yale University Executive Director, Center for Scientific Teaching Yale University
Rajendhran Jeyaprakash 2013-2014, Yale University Laboratory Associate Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, Madurai Kamaraj University
Ezra Baraban 2010-2012, Yale University Research Aide Yale University Medical School student
Cynthia Zerillo 2010-2012, Yale University Research Associate Research Associate, Dermatology, Yale University
Taylor Stepien 2007-2010, UW-Madison & Yale University Research Scientist Graduate Student Researcher at the University of Washington
Christine Mlot 2010, UW-Madison Research Specialist, DNA Technician Associate Research Specialist, UW-Madison
Sandy Stewart UW-Madison NIH Rocky Mountain National Laboratory, Montana