AJEDI Statement


Diversity is essential for great science. Research and our experience both show that diverse groups generate better ideas and more creative solutions to problems than homogeneous groups. By recruiting diverse people to the Handelsman lab and empowering every member of our group to contribute to the scientific discourse, we can achieve our scientific potential. 

We welcome and value diverse people in our lab and expect each lab member to uphold high standards of integrity and respect. We do not tolerate discrimination based on, but not limited to, ability, age, experience, and identies such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. We believe that each of us has a responsibility to prevent or address unfair behaviors within our lab and scientific environments and to contribute to a welcoming environment.

We aim to build a safe, welcoming, and supportive lab environment by

  • acknowledging each lab member’s needs and unique voice
  • trusting one another to hear and be heard
  • ensuring that discourse is respectful and supportive
  • dynamically assessing the social climate of our lab individually and together to improve the environment for all

Our lab adheres to the principles of AJEDI, which stands for antiracism, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.


The culture of science is inherently racist in history, research, practice, and impact. Each of us must explicitly oppose racism in our research, words, and actions. In our lab…

  • we strive to reshape our behavior and biases to actively learn about our scientific history while challenging harmful notions of race and culture
  • we speak out against harmful racist language and behavior that is both explicit & implicit

Justice & Equity

We are all equally deserving of respect and fair treatment. We strive to accept that each of us has unique needs. Intentional action and just behavior prevents and corrects injustice to ensure that all people are treated fairly. In our lab…

  • we aim to ensure all lab members have equitable access to opportunities and resources for research, science communication, and mentoring
  • we each have the responsibility to advocate for ourselves and others and to speak out when opportunity is not offered
  • we learn from our mistakes to maintain the safety and respect of each individual


We are all unique. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences make us better at tackling problems together and are important for our collective success. Diversity is essential to our advancement as a research group and to our growth as human beings. In our lab…

  • we value the scientific contributions of all lab members and appreciate the inherent dignity and worth of each individual
  • we actively seek to engage with distinct individuals, perspectives, and ideas


We all belong here. In our lab…

  • we provide mentoring to learn the ways of science and culture of the lab
  • we share knowledge for the benefit of all, not the advancement of some
  • we promote strong relationships and cultivate a welcoming environment

In our lab there is no such thing as a dumb question!