Jo Handelsman Presents at iFAST Seminar

This seminar is part of the International Forum on Advanced Environmental Sciences and Technology (iFAST) seminar series at the University of Oklahoma. Jo Handelsman discusses the importance of soil, the reasons we are losing soil at devastating rates, and practices to improve soil health in this talk, titled A World Without Soil: Science and Stewardship of

2022-12-08T12:02:07-06:00October 22nd, 2022|News|

Handelsman Lab and Tiny Earth Represent at Illuminating Connections

Illuminating Connections Handelsman Lab members engaged with other researchers and the general public at Illuminating Connections. We had posters and activities about Tiny Earth, the Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub, and our research on microbial communities!

2022-04-22T09:52:22-05:00April 7th, 2022|News|

Collaborative research project finds bacterial “Zorbs” – A new type of bacterial social motility

Researchers from the Handelsman, Beebe, and Pan labs discover bacterial "zorbing," in the motile species, Flavobacterium johnsoniae.

2022-01-18T10:55:42-06:00January 7th, 2022|News|

Postdoc Amanda Hurley heads to DC for AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship

Postdoc Amanda Hurley was awarded an AAAS Science & Technology Fellowship at the US Department of State. She’ll begin her new position at the end of October.  Dr. Hurley has been an incredible scientist and mentor in the Handelsman Lab, and we wish her the best!

2022-01-12T15:55:47-06:00October 25th, 2021|News|

Jo Handelsman urges scientific community to address soil crisis in Scientific American editorial

As a preview to her forthcoming book, A World Without Soil, Jo Handelsman calls to change destructive farming practices to ones that will retain soil carbon and mitigate climate change.

2021-03-26T12:44:59-05:00March 14th, 2021|News|
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